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Imagine feeling like you always have grit in your eyes!

Dry Eye is a condition where your dog produces insufficient tears or tears of poor quality that do not provide lubrication and moisture for the surface of the eye. The consequences of this are serious and often lead to blindness.

FACT: Pug’s are one of the at-risk breeds for this condition.

The symptoms are not always obvious but can include:
•    Uncomfortable eyes – your dog may rub the eyes, blink excessively, or keep the eyes closed
•    Red and inflamed eyes
•    Build-up of sticky mucous in the eye
•    Frequent eye infections or corneal ulcers

We highly recommend that you get a specific Dry Eye examination for your dog.

Treatment for this condition is very effective and will prevent damage to the surface of the eye. In addition it will relieve discomfort in your pet’s eyes.

Call our Vet on 020 8360 2020 Village Vet Winchmore Hill (Simon is an eye specialist)

How Pet Owners Can help To Ensure a Pleasurable Experience For Their Pets

  • Allow plenty of time to deliver your dog to the kennels so you are not in a last minute panic and pushed for time. Otherwise, your stress will be communicated to your dog and it is better if he leaves you when you are relaxed and happy
  • Take a written or typed list of your dog’s ailments, medications, food intake and other special requirements
  • Your dog’s up-to-date vaccination certificate
  • Spray DAP in your car (dog appeasing pheromone) at least 15 minutes beforehand, to help your dog feel comforted and settled during the journey (and ask the kennels to spray the sleeping area corners at least 15 minutes before your dog is taken there). If they don’t already use it, leave your spray with them for your dog
  • Take a few day’s supply of your dog’s normal food, together with your dog’s bed (unwashed), favourite toys, chews and treats if the kennel will allow you to do so
  • Take items made of natural fabric that smell of you and will retain your comforting scent for a few days while your dog settles in
  • When you leave, be jolly and matter of fact, rather than consoling, so your dog understands there is nothing to worry about
  • A young dog may benefit from a few days in kennels every so often early in life so they get used to the experience and find it easier to cope with a longer stay

Using DAP at Home and at Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel

What is DAP?

DAP stands for Dog Appeasing Pheromone.

It is one of the simplest, quickest and easiest ways to calm & reassure dogs and puppies in stressful situations such as leaving the owner, finding a new home, being alone at home, travelling, and going to the vets & boarding kennels.

DAP synthetically mimics natural pheromones that female dogs provide for their puppies, giving them a sense of wellbeing & reassurance.

How does it help kennelled dogs?

It is such an easy way to provide extra care for dogs!

DAP contains an analogue of the natural canine appeasing pheromone which helps comfort puppies and adult dogs in situations they may find worrying, or which make them apprehensive.

Available as a spray, plug-in or collar – the choice depends on the dog’s needs and which environment it’s to be used in.

Wow – what an experience!

Written by Tom – Manager at Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel

Yesterday I took my youngest German Shepherd (Leyla) to Bayford Hydrotherapy Clinic. I must firstly say that hydrotherapy can not only be a fun but vital part of a fitness regime but is also great for rehabilitation following illness, injury or surgery. I am always amazed by the amount of unfit / obese dogs I see! This was Leyla’s first hydrotherapy experience and I can honestly say she thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so, she wouldn’t get out of the pool at the end of her session. The lovely Lady (Karen) that owns the Clinic is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable, she explained everything to me and most importantly made sure Leyla had an amazing time. I would highly recommend Bayford Hydrotherapy Clinic to anyone who is dedicated to their dog’s health and fitness. Whilst writing this I am disappointed that I did not take any pictures to share with everyone, but I intend to make this a regular part of Leyla’s fitness regime so I will definitely upload some pictures of her next session.

Bayford Hydrotherapy Clinic: www.dogshydrotherapy.co.uk or 07528651725