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Pet Industry Federation Awards 2015

We are very proud to say that Elmtree has been shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious Pet Industry Federation Awards 2015. We have been invited to the awards ceremony on 17th November, in Liverpool, where we will find out if we have won the award for the Kennel and Cattery of the Year 2015.

PIF Awards 2015

EB Pet Portraits

Take a look at these beautiful pet portraits done by Esther. Professional water colour paintings of your pet brought to life from photographs. We are now displaying some of her amazing artwork at Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel.

Beautiful pet portraits by Esther

Speak to Angie on reception for more information – 020 8367 4625 or get in touch with Esther on 07528366725 OR esther@ebpetportraits.com


Reasons to Microchip your Pet

As a responsible pet owner, you take all the necessary precautions to keep your animal companion safe while in your care. You bring them in for routine veterinary care, you provide a healthy diet, you exercise them regularly and you provide them with all of the love and attention they need to be happy and healthy. But do you have a plan in place should your pet accidentally escape and become lost? If you haven’t done so already, here are 4 compelling reasons on why you should microchip your pet.

It’s permanent – Unlike collars and external ID tags, which can easily become lose and fall off your pet, microchips are permanent. They are inserted underneath your pet’s skin where they remain forever. Your animal companion won’t know it’s there, but if he or she ever goes missing, it can be scanned to identify your pet and get them home as quickly as possible

It’s virtually flawless – If your pet becomes lost without a tag, or has a tag that is worn and difficult to read, it can get in the way of their safe return home to you. Microchips are electronic and provide instant and accurate identification, so that a speedy reunion can be arranged with the animal’s rightful owner

It lasts for your pet’s lifetime – Once inserted by your vet, microchip identification will remain with your pet throughout its lifetime. You’ll never have to replace it or worry about it wearing out. If you relocate, you can simply and quickly update the information on the microchip.

It’s safe, quick and painless – Inserting a microchip is a quick procedure and it hurts no more than a routine vaccination. It doesn’t require surgery or your pet to undergo anaesthesia. You just bring your pet to your vet and they’ll have them microchipped in no time.

What kinds of animals should be microchipped?

Cats and dogs make excellent candidates for microchipping. Even if your pet has never wandered away from home, it’s still a good precaution to take – just in case. If you still have questions or want to schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped, contact your vet. Your pet’s safety and your peace of mind will be well worth it.

The Benefits of Adopting a pet from a Rescue Centre

Adopting a pet can be one of the most exciting and heart-warming experiences, and there are certainly plenty of options at your disposal when you’re considering where to find your animal companion. Of all the choices, however, perhaps none is as rewarding as adopting from a shelter. There are many benefits to going this route, as discussed below.

They’re Already Trained – Most shelter animals have already experienced living with a human owner, so they are typically already trained. This means you won’t have to worry about cleaning up accidents in the house, teaching your pet good manners or having to deal with other behavioural issues.

You Know What You’re Getting – When you adopt a puppy or kitten from a pet store or breeder, you won’t learn what that pet’s personality is until well after you’ve brought them home. With shelter adoptions, the staff is often already aware of the animal’s background and can advise on things like whether or not they are good with children or other pets. Fewer surprises mean an easier transition for everyone.

You’ll Save Money – There are a lot of financial benefits to adopting from a shelter. For instance, most shelter animals are mature and have already received their required vaccinations and been spayed or neutered. All you’ll generally need is a quick trip to your vet for a physical. The adoption fee is also typically significantly lower than the cost to purchase an animal from a pet store or breeder.

There’s a Wide Variety – Shelters feature a wide array of species, breeds and ages, which gives you a lot greater of a selection to choose from. Some shelters specialize in specific breeds, such as greyhound rescues, so if there’s a particular type of animal you’re seeking, ask your vet if they can recommend one.

You’re Literally Saving a Life – Unfortunately, many shelters are faced with the problem of overpopulation, and with lack of space and economic issues, are forced to humanely euthanize animals that they can’t find homes for. When you choose to adopt from a shelter, you are often literally that pet’s last hope. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re saving the life of a loving animal.

When it comes to adopting a new pet, your options are many. While weighing those options, please consider choosing a shelter pet. These facilities have plenty of happy and healthy animals that are just looking for their own loving home. If you’re not sure which shelter in your area would be best, ask your vet for recommendations.