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Review from Shara’s owner

I am writing to thank you for looking after Shara over Christmas and New Year, (although I personally find it difficult to leave her in kennels as i miss her so much) Shara  on the other hand really looks forward to coming for a rest. She has stayed 6 times to date with 2 more holidays booked. This time her driver arrived I could hardly hold on to her lead as she ran and jumped in the back and sat ready to go with a smile, she came back to us soft and shiny and smelling like she had just left a beauty spa, I am so happy to have found such a great holiday home for her.

Kindest regards Celine and “Shara”

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11th Nov 2013

a great big thanks tom

Hi Tom a great big thanks to you and your team for taking care of Lou Lou + Lexie + bella while we were away sunning ourselves for two weeks. Peace of mind is everything when away and have to board our pets. I have no worries now when we go away again. You are all top professionals and cant thank you all enough.Elmtree will go from strengh to strengh i am certain about that , if only by word of mouth between pet lovers. Once again thanks fron 3 happy dogs and all our family.

Alan Pinkney and crew 

3rd Sep 2013

The Best Kennels in the World!

My much loved pet cat Jake, has been staying at Elmtree for many years.  I am always consistently satisfied by the friendliness, kindness and expertise of the staff.  Jake is clearly relaxed from the moment he arrives, and receives five star treatment.

Thank you to everyone at Elmtree,  I whole heartedly reccomend these outstanding kennels.


Absolutely the BEST boarding experience(s) ever!

We have had nothing but extremely positive experiences with Elmtree. I have never had a dog before, and as we have always (until recently) lived near family that could look after our dog, I had VERY high expectations for what I needed from a boarding kennel for my little 4-legged princess. Elmtree has gone above and beyond my expectations every single time. We’ve brought our dog to come and stay at Elmtree on at least five different occasions now; sometimes for just a couple days, and others for up to two weeks. The first time Maddie was a bit apprehensive, but that was the only time she ever showed an ounce of hesitation. Every time there after, her ears perk up on our long walk up the lane leading to Elmtree, and the second we enter… she’s bouncing up and down greeting each employee never looking back to say goodbye. Even better yet, it really seems like each and every employee really cares for all of the animals. As soon as we walk in, everyone knows Maddie’s name, and everyone is greeting her with the same enthusiasm that she is showing them. Upon returning to pick her back up, she always comes walking out from the back with her head held high, her tail wagging, and obviously very happy – and this is before she sees that we’ve returned to collect her! Her every need is very obviously met. We even joke that she seems to gain more muscle every time we take her, as she clearly gets great exercise. We’ve also used Elmtree’s pet delivery service – they are always on time and very courteous. I couldn’t say more positive things about Elmtree as a whole – an overall fantastic and EXCELLENT service. Thank you!

by Lisa Littel, London

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Wow – what an experience!

Written by Tom – Manager at Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel

Yesterday I took my youngest German Shepherd (Leyla) to Bayford Hydrotherapy Clinic. I must firstly say that hydrotherapy can not only be a fun but vital part of a fitness regime but is also great for rehabilitation following illness, injury or surgery. I am always amazed by the amount of unfit / obese dogs I see! This was Leyla’s first hydrotherapy experience and I can honestly say she thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so, she wouldn’t get out of the pool at the end of her session. The lovely Lady (Karen) that owns the Clinic is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable, she explained everything to me and most importantly made sure Leyla had an amazing time. I would highly recommend Bayford Hydrotherapy Clinic to anyone who is dedicated to their dog’s health and fitness. Whilst writing this I am disappointed that I did not take any pictures to share with everyone, but I intend to make this a regular part of Leyla’s fitness regime so I will definitely upload some pictures of her next session.

Bayford Hydrotherapy Clinic: www.dogshydrotherapy.co.uk or 07528651725

Review from: Anna & Alec from Enfield

Hi there,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you SO much for looking after our three cats for the last week. We usually have them looked after at home so this was a new experience for them (and us), and we were absolutely delighted by how happy and relaxed they were when we picked them up.

All your staff are really brilliant, so caring and affectionate with the animals as well as being super-professional & efficient. I have already spread the word on Facebook and will tell anyone who ever asks that you run the perfect place.

Thanks again for such a stress-free experience and lovely service!

Anna & Alec (+ SquidFace, Rhombus & Dot)

Elmtree Pet Hotel – Your Thoughts!

Having heard different stories in the past about kennels, we decided to visit Elmtree Pet Hotel before booking for our dog to stay there whilst we went on holiday. We were extremely pleased with the staff and the cleanliness of the entire place during our visit. Although more expensive than other kennels, I am happy to pay more to know that my dog is looked after professionally, she has now stayed there three times and always seems happy to go there and looks well when we collect her. I would recommend Elmtree and have told many people about it.

Thanks to K Satchell for the review on our Google Plus page.