Happy Dogs Training at Elmtree Pet Hotel

Do you have an unruly pup in need of some training? Or perhaps you have an older dog that has some bad habits you’d like to finally get round to resolving? Whatever your needs, the Happy Dogs Training School is here to take care of all your dog training requirements.

Run by experienced and professional trainer Lyn Wilson on the expansive grounds of the Elmtree Canine Country Clubs in Hertfordshire and North London, the Happy Dogs Training School offers a plethora of classes for puppies and dogs of varying ages. The timetable incorporates classes across evenings and weekends allowing you to conveniently fit in training sessions in your free time.

All instructors at our dog training school in North London are constantly keeping their skill-set and knowledge up to date by regularly attending courses and training seminars. Friendly, patient and enthusiastic, our instructors are passionate about what they do and love nothing more than working with your dog to ensure a positive outcome from the classes.

Adopted a new puppy who is a bit unruly? Our puppy classes cover all the essentials including obedience, grooming, nutrition, communication, and much more. The classes incorporate assessment for the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award for which you will be awarded a certificate and rosette if you pass all the requirements. The final week of the course will also afford you the chance to explore further training options for you to further develop your relationship with your four legged friend.

Our pet dog obedience classes offer a great way to improve your dog’s behaviour, mood, and sociability. This series of lessons is not only educational, it also offers a lot of fun for both pet and owner alike! Our obedience classes cover retrieve exercises, steady dogs to distractions, heel work, dog manners, scent work, emergency stops, temperament, and much more.

The Happy Dogs Training School Calm & Confident class is designed to help your pet retain composure during situations that they might be prone to finding stressful or anxiety inducing. Behaviour is improved slowly but steadily using positive reinforcement for a gradual yet vast improvement in behaviour. This class is great for dogs who may be struggling with environmental changes, other dogs, noises, other people and various different situations.

Some dogs aren’t well suited to working in groups, we get that! That’s why we have also introduced one to one behavioural sessions. This allows for emphasis on specific individual issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, recall issues, hyperactivity, destructive behaviour, and more. Our one to one sessions can be conducted on-site at the training school or via home visit if necessary.

Our agility course is a great way for you and your dog to learn handling skills. As well as improving the relationship between pet and owner, navigating an agility course also improves your dogs confidence and listening skills. Aside from all that, it’s also a lot of fun!

Your dog is sure to impress with our doggy dancing and tricks class. We start out with the basic moves such as giving a paw, bowing, twisting ad turning. As well as being ideal for your dog’s confidence, it’s also a great way to exercise muscles which otherwise not be utilised in the normal course of a day’s walks.

The Happy Dogs Training School in North London also provides extensive gundog training conducted by experienced gundog handlers. Gundog training develops a dog’s intelligence and helps train to steady them to distractions. Whilst being especially ideal for working breeds, this four certificate level course is open to any breed. The positive reward based training system covers retrieving fur and feathers, directional controls, working to the whistle and walking to heel off the lead.

Our rally class offers a fun way to really improve your pet’s obedience and listening skills. Owner and dog will learn to navigate a course consisting of different signposted instructions such as weaves, spirals, recalls, jumps etc. The course is completed loose lead on a points based system were points are deducted for errors or inaccuracies.

All breeds of dog will enjoy our scent beginners class where they will learn how to utilise their sense of smell. Starting off small with basic searches, we then build to locating objects in buildings, luggage, vehicles and more. The intermediate scent class develops this scent work even further, incorporating decoy scents to up the difficulty level for more of a rewarding challenge.

You may have heard of hoopers, a sport which emerged in the United States and has since spread through Europe to the UK. Our hoopers course involves hooped gates as opposed to contact equipment, minimising risk to your pet’s limbs. Suitable for all ages and levels of experience, hoopers is a fun and safe way to improve agility, directional commands, distance control, send arounds and more.

If your dog struggles with recall, loose lead, or off lead walking, we have you covered. If your dog becomes distracted by people/other dogs and does not return instantly when called, Happy Dogs Training School offers an intensive four week course to fix this issue. Within this course we’ll cover distractions, control, distance, dog law, and more.

If you would like to come meet us and see our classes in session, or if you would like more information on course starting dates, please do not hesitate to contact us today. The Happy Dogs Training School is standing by to handle all your dog training needs.