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Wow – what an experience!

Written by Tom – Manager at Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel

Yesterday I took my youngest German Shepherd (Leyla) to Bayford Hydrotherapy Clinic. I must firstly say that hydrotherapy can not only be a fun but vital part of a fitness regime but is also great for rehabilitation following illness, injury or surgery. I am always amazed by the amount of unfit / obese dogs I see! This was Leyla’s first hydrotherapy experience and I can honestly say she thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so, she wouldn’t get out of the pool at the end of her session. The lovely Lady (Karen) that owns the Clinic is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable, she explained everything to me and most importantly made sure Leyla had an amazing time. I would highly recommend Bayford Hydrotherapy Clinic to anyone who is dedicated to their dog’s health and fitness. Whilst writing this I am disappointed that I did not take any pictures to share with everyone, but I intend to make this a regular part of Leyla’s fitness regime so I will definitely upload some pictures of her next session.

Bayford Hydrotherapy Clinic: www.dogshydrotherapy.co.uk or 07528651725

Review from: Anna & Alec from Enfield

Hi there,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you SO much for looking after our three cats for the last week. We usually have them looked after at home so this was a new experience for them (and us), and we were absolutely delighted by how happy and relaxed they were when we picked them up.

All your staff are really brilliant, so caring and affectionate with the animals as well as being super-professional & efficient. I have already spread the word on Facebook and will tell anyone who ever asks that you run the perfect place.

Thanks again for such a stress-free experience and lovely service!

Anna & Alec (+ SquidFace, Rhombus & Dot)