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11th Nov 2013

a great big thanks tom

Hi Tom a great big thanks to you and your team for taking care of Lou Lou + Lexie + bella while we were away sunning ourselves for two weeks. Peace of mind is everything when away and have to board our pets. I have no worries now when we go away again. You are all top professionals and cant thank you all enough.Elmtree will go from strengh to strengh i am certain about that , if only by word of mouth between pet lovers. Once again thanks fron 3 happy dogs and all our family.

Alan Pinkney and crew 

3rd Sep 2013

The Best Kennels in the World!

My much loved pet cat Jake, has been staying at Elmtree for many years.  I am always consistently satisfied by the friendliness, kindness and expertise of the staff.  Jake is clearly relaxed from the moment he arrives, and receives five star treatment.

Thank you to everyone at Elmtree,  I whole heartedly reccomend these outstanding kennels.


Absolutely the BEST boarding experience(s) ever!

We have had nothing but extremely positive experiences with Elmtree. I have never had a dog before, and as we have always (until recently) lived near family that could look after our dog, I had VERY high expectations for what I needed from a boarding kennel for my little 4-legged princess. Elmtree has gone above and beyond my expectations every single time. We’ve brought our dog to come and stay at Elmtree on at least five different occasions now; sometimes for just a couple days, and others for up to two weeks. The first time Maddie was a bit apprehensive, but that was the only time she ever showed an ounce of hesitation. Every time there after, her ears perk up on our long walk up the lane leading to Elmtree, and the second we enter… she’s bouncing up and down greeting each employee never looking back to say goodbye. Even better yet, it really seems like each and every employee really cares for all of the animals. As soon as we walk in, everyone knows Maddie’s name, and everyone is greeting her with the same enthusiasm that she is showing them. Upon returning to pick her back up, she always comes walking out from the back with her head held high, her tail wagging, and obviously very happy – and this is before she sees that we’ve returned to collect her! Her every need is very obviously met. We even joke that she seems to gain more muscle every time we take her, as she clearly gets great exercise. We’ve also used Elmtree’s pet delivery service – they are always on time and very courteous. I couldn’t say more positive things about Elmtree as a whole – an overall fantastic and EXCELLENT service. Thank you!

by Lisa Littel, London

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Exciting News from the Manager!

Over the last few months we have eagerly been waiting to receive some exciting news from The London Borough of Broxbourne Council.  Finally yesterday we had our planning permission through for our new site in Theobald’s Park Estate and works will start next month to build a fantastic new luxury boarding facility that will continue to offer the best boarding services in the UK.

Initially the new site will just be an overflow for our current site based in Hilly Fields Country Park, it will consist of 30 luxury kennel suites and a beautiful Crufts like training centre. The site in Burnt Farm Ride was originally a kennels and cattery owned by Bill Meredith who was well known as the game keeper for the estate and its shoot. His partner Bobbie ran the kennel & cattery business for many years and built up a thriving business that is still talked about to this day for proving some of the best boarding facilities of its time. There are currently 26 kennel / cattery and storage buildings but these will all be knocked down to make way for our 2 new buildings. The large site of 9½ acres has its own 4 acres of beautiful woodland and this will be transformed into a fully enclosed woodland exercise facility, with paths for the dogs to run and play in a natural but safe environment.

The interior kennel design has not yet been finalised but the kennel suites will definitely be of a luxurious design. The outdoor exercise facilities will be exciting and mentally stimulating, filled with agility equipment, swimming pools and grass land as well as our exclusive woodland area. The site will have accommodation for up to 8 members of staff who will provide care throughout the day and into the night. I have now personally moved house to our new site to oversee the works, fortunately the new site is only about a 4 minute drive away from our site in Hilly Fields.

We plan to have our new site open in approximately 1 year and I will keep you all updated on an open day. Watch this space for more updates on our new site.

Thomas Pipkin


Elmtree Dog Boarding Kennels

A doggy holiday

“I used to feel a little bad and to blame for going on summer holiday and having to leave my little man behind. I’m sure that I’m not the first dog owner who doesn’t look back without feeling a little guilty and sad. And of course, family members or friends would come to feed him, walk him and play with him, but it never felt like it was enough. And unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to take him along on holiday with you either!

Choosing the right boarding kennels in London can be quite tricky. As I was looking around forums to find some recommendations or alternative suggestions from fellow-dog owners, I came across a company called Elmtree ‘Pet Hotel’. Intrigued by the sound of it, I contacted a member of their staff and arranged a viewing. Unlike many other dog boarding kennels, London based Elm Tree is very conveniently located and has an outstanding four acre plot, so the dogs have plenty of space to exercise, play or just relax and enjoy a little nap in the sun.

When it comes to dog boarding kennels, London based Elm Tree pet hotel is absolutely marvellous. Their kennel suites include a separate leisure and sleeping area. Their suite guests even get their private, fully covered exercise area! And if you, just like myself, are still a bit worried about leaving him behind – for three pounds a day, they have numerous kennels which are equipped with on-line ‘Pet Watch, so you can see him play whilst you’re away!

Besides their luxury boarding kennels, London’s Elm Tree’s facility, includes full grooming facilities, an indoor gymnasium, 24 hour on call veterinary services as well as secure outdoor paddocks! They can even provide your dog with “extra woodland walks” in the hilly Fields Forest or arrange a chauffeur service to pick your dog up and return him back home after his own little holiday!

Elm Tree’s facilities and staff are so attentive and caring, my dog absolutely loves going there for his own little holiday. And with all the loving attention and long walks they’re giving him, I’m surprised he even wants to come back home at all!”