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Rabbit Play Time

We haven’t forgotten about our smaller animal friends – bunnies sure do enjoy their playtime as well!

Pet shops are often overflowing with colourful cat and dog toys which often doesn’t make it easy to find something suitable for your rabbit. This is a perfect time to let your creative side take over and design a few enjoyable rabbit toys yourself instead!

For those of you who still need a little more help, perhaps these suggestions will get your creativity flowing!

Chew Sticks

Rabbit’s love to chew and drag them with as they hop around! Just make sure that the wood is unpainted and unpolished.


Great fun for your rabbit to run through!

Cat Balls

Especially the wire and rubber ones are perfect to use during rabbit play time. Rabbits just love pushing and chucking them about in their cage! Try avoid using the plastic balls as they are very easy for your bunny to chew through.

Stuffed Animals

Another great alternative. Bunnies just love picking them up, and dragging and tossing them about.