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Boarding Cattery

Welcome to Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel, a modern and very unique concept in animal boarding.

Here at Elmtree we provide luxury pet boarding for dogs, cats and small animals. Our facilities have been created to offer unrivalled comfort and the highest possible standards in animal care.

Situated in Hilly Fields Country Park, Enfield (London) we are considered one of the most prestigious pet hotels in the UK.

We proudly call it a pet hotel as with such beautiful grounds, suites and leisure facilities such as a gym and grooming spa together with a highly trained team, the comparison is clear to see.

So when you book your pet, our guest, into Elmtree you can be confident they are going to have as good a time as you because they are on holiday too!

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Boarding Kennels

Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel would like to welcome new guests to a 5 Star boarding facility situated in Hilly Fields Country Park, Enfield.

The accomodation consists of light, airy kennels all with their own attached exercise area.

With lots of five star goodies,including an indoor play area incorporating activity toys, agility equipment and a chill out area for the more laid back, less active guests. Also outside we have enclosed exercise areas where the dogs can enjoy free play with a member of staff.

Our loving, caring and knowledgeable staff will endeavour to keep your companions in the best of spirits until you return.

Our aim is to provide an outstanding service to all of our guests and to cater for each pet’s individual needs. Please inform staff at the time of booking of any special requirements your pet may have.

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London Kennels

Our kennels in London are second to none, providing a home-from-home to your canine friends. Elmtree is where dogs go for their holidays – and our experienced, trained team of staff ensure the highest standard of care at all times.

Accommodation at Elmtree Kennels in London is ‘all suite’ with each kennel coming with its own separate leisure and sleeping areas. Each of our dog guests enjoy a private, fully covered exercise area, where they can exercise throughout the day and a separate quiet area where they can settle down and relax.

A dog is never more contented than when it is enjoying appropriate exercise. For some this is a gentle walk on a lead and for others it’s a fun, action packed chase!

Each guest will receive supervised exercise, suited to their needs, three times a day in our fully enclosed paddock; this is in addition to them being able to exercise themselves in their private exercise area within their suite.

A well fed dog is a happy dog and we cater for all dietary requirements.

We provide only the highest quality pet food to our guests and our brand of choice is James Wellbeloved, a complete natural hypoallergenic dry food that provides a fully balanced diet. It comes in a range of flavour varieties which are rotated throughout a guests stay to ensure maximum anticipation and enjoyment of feeding time.

We want guests at Elmtree Kennels London to feel immediately at home so we encourage owners to bring with them favourite items such as toys and bedding & blankets so their dog feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

At Elmtree we care passionately about our guests and will treat your dog as our own giving it all the attention it needs to ensure it settles in quickly and enjoys its time with us to the full.

For owners whose schedules make it difficult for them to bring their dog to and from Elmtree we have introduced a chauffeured ‘collect and return’ service. Guests are brought to the hotel in the comfort of our specially adapted air conditioned vehicles by members of our team who specialise in animal transfers.

The security and safety of guests is of paramount importance to us. We have CCTV cameras throughout the hotel that are monitored from reception during the working day and have a constant security presence throughout the night and on Sundays, when except for prearranged pick ups, Elmtree is closed to the public.

If you find yourself in situation where you need to be without your dog for the day we can look after it for you. Our day care facility is available during business hours Mon-Friday 8am-6pm.

Kennel Cough – The facts!

Kennel Cough is a very common and contagious disease mostly contracted by dogs, but can also be transferred to other pets such as: cats, birds, and bunnies. Kennel cough is an airborne virus which means it can be contracted anywhere from your local park to a veterinary practice.

Your pet will be constantly hacking and coughing, sometimes spitting up bits of phlegm. Over exertion can trigger it and make it much worse, so limiting your dog’s amount of exercise is recommended while suffering from kennel cough. An immediate vet check-up followed by rest and relaxation is the best course of action to take.

Kennel cough in dogs can be compared to the human flu, and generally caused when your dog is bombarded by a mix of bacteria and viruses at the same time, similar to influenza in humans.

In most cases Kennel Cough is not serious, and will only last up to a week or two. However, in more serious cases it can last up to several months, and can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog (and extremely annoying for the dog owner). It’s important to have your dog checked out as soon as it begins showing signs of kennel cough as it may be symptoms of another more serious condition your dog is suffering from.

Kennel cough is not usually a serious condition, but can be very irritating for your dog and in some cases can develop into a more serious disease.

Kennel cough symptoms can range from the obvious honking cough, to a lack of exercise, to hacking up foamy liquid. Prevention is the best cure for kennel cough, so it is important to monitor your dog for strange symptoms, especially if you visit dog parks on a regular basis.

In many cases dog owners do not bring their pets in to see an animal doctor because they are told that kennel cough is not a serious issue, and only lasts a week or two. While this is usually true, it is very common for the kennel cough symptoms to mask a more serious underlying condition.

While the cough itself is certainly nothing be afraid of, it’s always best to be on the safe side when it comes to the health of our furry friends.

There are several ways of treating a dog that has contracted kennel cough. While some pet owners prefer prescribed medication for quick relief, others prefer to let the cough run its course and give their dog’s natural home remedies to treat the condition. It’s important to remember that what works for one dog may not work for another, so it’s important to bring your dog in to get properly assessed. Animal doctors may recommend different types of treatment depending on a variety of factors such as the dog’s size, age, and condition.

Kennel cough typically only lasts for 1-2 weeks, however if your dog has been coughing for longer than 3-4 weeks it is highly recommended that you bring it in to an animal hospital for x-rays to be on the safe side. Constant hacking is tough on the dog’s throat, especially for puppies, and can cause damage their trachea if it goes on for too long.

Vaccinations and anti-biotics are not for everyone, and that goes for our dogs as well. Pet owners who do not believe in treating their dogs with drugs have plenty of natural alternatives when it comes to remedying kennel cough.
Pet owners do not need to spend a lot of money to cure their dog of this disease. There are several home remedies available to help your dog feel better; the majority only requiring simple household items and ingredients. For pet owners who prefer to let the cough run its course, the kennel cough home remedies have been found to be effective in curing, and providing dog’s relief over the span of the condition.

*Please note that if the cough lasts longer than 2-3 weeks, or you notice the colour of the phlem change from clear/cream to a dark gold/green it can signify that a subsidiary bacteria/infection has set in. In this case it is important to take your dog in to get looked at by an animal doctor for a professional opinion right away to ensure it receives the proper care.