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A Cats Behaviour

Cats are likely to change their behaviour or developed unwanted habits – such as aggression, spraying indoors, disappearing or avoiding people – when they are frightened or in pain. Some signs of fear or distress in a cat include hiding, sleeping hunched, high levels of grooming, and altered feeding.

When a cat feels scared and can not escape or hide is it very likely it will become aggressive. If your cats behaviour has changed it is possible it is either distressed, bored, ill or injured.

There are a few things you could do to avoid your cats behaviour to change. Firstly, make sure everything is in reach without your cat having to pass things or other animals which might scare her.

Provide your cat with lots of opportunities to exercise. If your cat doesn’t go outside, perhaps purchase safe toys, a suitable indoor cat activity and a scratching post which is tall enough for your cat to use when fully stretched. Also allow constant access to a safe hiding place where your cat can run to when she is scared or nervous. And finally, never shout or punish your cat as this could possible make her more nervous and scared.