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Elmtree Dog Boarding Kennels

A doggy holiday

“I used to feel a little bad and to blame for going on summer holiday and having to leave my little man behind. I’m sure that I’m not the first dog owner who doesn’t look back without feeling a little guilty and sad. And of course, family members or friends would come to feed him, walk him and play with him, but it never felt like it was enough. And unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to take him along on holiday with you either!

Choosing the right boarding kennels in London can be quite tricky. As I was looking around forums to find some recommendations or alternative suggestions from fellow-dog owners, I came across a company called Elmtree ‘Pet Hotel’. Intrigued by the sound of it, I contacted a member of their staff and arranged a viewing. Unlike many other dog boarding kennels, London based Elm Tree is very conveniently located and has an outstanding four acre plot, so the dogs have plenty of space to exercise, play or just relax and enjoy a little nap in the sun.

When it comes to dog boarding kennels, London based Elm Tree pet hotel is absolutely marvellous. Their kennel suites include a separate leisure and sleeping area. Their suite guests even get their private, fully covered exercise area! And if you, just like myself, are still a bit worried about leaving him behind – for three pounds a day, they have numerous kennels which are equipped with on-line ‘Pet Watch, so you can see him play whilst you’re away!

Besides their luxury boarding kennels, London’s Elm Tree’s facility, includes full grooming facilities, an indoor gymnasium, 24 hour on call veterinary services as well as secure outdoor paddocks! They can even provide your dog with “extra woodland walks” in the hilly Fields Forest or arrange a chauffeur service to pick your dog up and return him back home after his own little holiday!

Elm Tree’s facilities and staff are so attentive and caring, my dog absolutely loves going there for his own little holiday. And with all the loving attention and long walks they’re giving him, I’m surprised he even wants to come back home at all!”